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Topic 1: Review the Video Case: Diversity at PepsiCo. This is a micro (single organization) view of diversity. What strategic advantage does PepsiCo hope to achieve with its diversity approach? Does it work? Please locate literature to support your answer.

Topic 2: In this topic, you will explore cultural distance. Please go to the Evans Library database and locate a peer-reviewed journal discussing cultural distance. Please share a couple of paragraphs on this topic and a paragraph on your takeaways.

Topic 3: Review the Meriden Public Schools: Courageous Leadership and Innovation in Action. Please examine this case from a change leadership perspective. How did the superintendent approach this change? How did he gain buy-in and support? Can this approach be replicated nationwide? Why or why not?

Discussion Questions (DQs)

For the three discussion questions posted to the discussion board this week, respond with an initial post to one of the questions. Initial responses should be a minimum of 250 words.

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