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Hello, please read the instruction given below thoroughly I need you to interpret, evaluate and analysis this stakeholder’s website which is about “Obesity and weight management . You will find the website’s link below. Also take a deep look at the attached sample paper provided so you know what you are going to do. Just lemme know if any questions needed or more illustrations about the assignment. And at the end provide a citation of the website.

References used:

Ard, Jamy. “Treatment for Overweight & Obesity | NIDDK.” National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases. N.p., 2019. Web. 20 Feb. 2019.

Sample to follow:


The following steps will help you to further develop your Part 2 Intermediate Draft:

  1. Begin with a creative title that reflects your analysis of the stakeholder’s website.
  2. Your introduction should identify the stakeholder organization that addresses the selected topic you’ve been exploring, the stakeholder’s intended audience, desired purpose (e.g., to inform, persuade, entertain, take a specific action, or a combination of purposes), and goals (e.g., interests, mission, and/or message), the 4-6 elements and techniques you will include in your analysis, and your thesis: the one or two sentences that evaluate the stakeholder’s effectiveness in using the website elements and techniques to move its intended audience toward its desired purpose and goal.
  3. Organize the body of your analysis into key elements and techniques. Introduce each key element and technique with a topic sentence that explains and evaluates how well the stakeholder organization uses the element/technique toward its desired purpose and goal. Describe the element/technique, and consider the stakeholder’s possible intention in using this element/technique. Follow each topic sentence with supporting evidence from the website to support your claim. Should you determine a stakeholder’s use of a website element/technique does not effectively move its intended audience toward its desired purpose and goal, suggest the ways in which this stakeholder’s choice might have been more effective. Additionally, integrate appropriate evidence from your 2 sources as it applies.
  4. Be sure to use clear transitions as you introduce key elements and techniques.
  5. Provide source citations according to the required guidelines.
  6. Write a conclusion to your analysis that highlights your main points, including the thesis and major claims from the body paragraphs. You should end your conclusion with realistic forward thinking ideas about how your analysis of the stakeholder’s website might demonstrate any possibilities for future research/action.
  7. Proofread your Part 2 analysis.


  1. Balance your analysis so that you are interpreting what you see by explaining and evaluating how the stakeholder organization uses the website elements and techniques to move its intended audience toward its desired purpose and goal AND demonstrating how well these website elements and techniques accomplish this objective.
  2. Review the topic sentences of each paragraph to be sure that they link back to your thesis and demonstrate a logical progression of ideas and evidence from beginning to end.


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