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HIM4610 – Medical Terminology

UNIT 8 Assignment

Health Topic Presentation

For this course project assignment, use credible sources to research the health topic, disease, or syndrome your instructor approved in Unit 5. Develop a presentation, and deliver it via screen and webcam recording so that your slides are visible, your face is included in a video capture, and your voice is recorded simultaneously. This is important, so that the instructor can evaluate your spelling, pronunciation, and use of the medical terminology related to your topic. Guidance for how to record your presentation can be found at Using Kaltura [PDF], listed in the Resources.

Your presentation should not exceed 30 minutes in length. In addition to the recording, submit your presentation slides and a transcript of your presentation. Use APA style and format to cite scholarly sources.

In your presentation, you should define and describe your topic, and present information about it, including causes, signs and symptoms, at-risk populations, prognoses, diagnostic and testing procedures, treatment protocols, support systems, and prevention.

You will be graded according to how well you demonstrate the course competencies, which will be measured by the following criteria and requirements:

Pronounce medical terms properly.

Spell health care terms correctly.

Apply medical terminology related to pharmacology or other treatment to a health topic.

Apply medical terminology related to the structure and functions of the human body to a health topic.

Apply medical terminology related to human body systems to a health topic.

Apply medical terminology related to a specialized area of medicine to a health topic.

Submission Requirements

Format: Recording, plus a transcript with title page and reference page in a Microsoft Word document.

References: Include references in APA style and format.

Writing: Create a presentation that is clearly written and generally free of grammatical errors.

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