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i need a memoir !

i need 1000-1200 words about  a personal memoir that I lost 100 pounds and change whole my life from eating fast food to be a healthy life. should include 1- complication 2- introspection 3-resolution and 4- what did I learn. also I need it ho be high school level. Details are extremly important!!!. Also, remember […]

Word Problem

The distance between stations A and B is 148 km. From station A to station B leaves an express train which proceeds with 80 km/h and at the same time from station B towards station A leaves a goods train with 36 km/h. We know that before the two trains meet at station C the […]

Please A+..

Please kindly give me A+. Answer the papers separately. You will see that there is Paper 5 Assignment and Paper 8 Assignmemt. Answer them separately on different papers. Use Word format please.   Thank you!


It is time to assign a workforce along with a marketing strategy to your plan. At the end, a presentation generally concludes with a look ahead, so that will be the last portion of the plan.  Create a 5-7 slides presentation using the speaker’s notes section for your content and the slides for presentation purposes. […]

Chem HW

 Describe what a cloud chamber is.     Describe how plutonium 239 and uranium 233 can be produced by nuclear reactions.