Carbohydrates and Fats – Discussion Question

1- Carbohydrates and Fats – Discussion Question

Many patients suffer from heartburn at some point in their lifetime. However, there are some cases that become chronic and the patient must rely upon anti-GERD medication (prescription or over the counter) for months or years.
1. What is GERD?
2. What are risk factors for GERD?
3. Are there certain types of foods that are associated with increased symptoms? (think about certain foods covered in the lipids chapter assigned this week.
4. Why do these foods cause GERD symptoms?
5. What are some common OTC medications that patients may try first?
6. How do they work?
7. What are some common prescription medications for GERD?
8. How do they differ from one another in regard to their MOAs (mechanism of action)?

2- Assignment: Assessment of pharmacotherapy-related nutritional deficiencies
Unit outcomes addressed in this Assignment:
• Describe the effects of drugs on the utilization of nutrients.
• Describe the effects of nutrients on the utilization of drugs.
• Provide specific instructions to clients regarding their diet and drug therapy

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