Choose FIVE of weekly topics we have covered so far (New World, American Revoltuion, etc.).

Choose FIVE of weekly topics we have covered so far (New World, American Revoltuion, etc.).
For each topic, find a recent news article (no older than one year) from one of the following websites:
• New York Times
• Wall Street Journal
• The Economist
• Associated Press
• Yahoo News
• Google News
• USA Today

NOTE: You need to look up news reports, NOT opinion pieces, editorials, blogs, or other articles that are analytical and interpretive. The point of this assignment is for YOU to do the analyzing and interpreting. Points will be deducted for each article that is not a news report or from a legitimate news source.

Read the article and write a short analysis (about 250 words) that shows how a theme, concept, or general idea presented in the article has previously been discussed, debated, or explored in history, and how we should use history to understand and react to the story in the article.

For example: If you find an article about the United States at war, compare and contrast that to the American Revolution or War of 1812. Can we use that previous war to make sense of what we should do in the current war? Another example; is Congress currently debating a big piece of legislation? How does that compare and contrast to the Missouri Compromise, or the Constitutional Convention? Does history give us a clue as to what direction the current debate might go, and how we ought to try and steer it? Or look at a current social or economic issue; like taxes then and now? What did we do? Did it work?

The final product should be five paragraphs, each approximately 250 words, each discussing one article and comparing it to one of the topics we have covered. You may not use the same article or topic more than once, so I should see five different articles being applied to five different weekly unit topics

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