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Subject: General Questions    / General General Questions
There are 2 questions, each question no less then 350 words and no more then 500 words. If use references list the reference in APA format. this is not an essay just simply answer the questions with references in APA format that you used.

Please view the short video clip from School House Rock to prepare you for this discussion:
Great American Melting Pot


Great American Melting Pot – Lyrics by Lynn Ahrens, 1973
What is the basic message of this video? Do you see any negative messages that this
video could possibly send? Consider the term Multiculturalism: the preservation of different
cultures or cultural identities within a unified society, as a state or nation.
Does the video demonstrate multiculturalism? or do you interpret the video to suggest that everyone
jump into the same pot and melt into one homogenous American culture?
There are many terms and labels that are used and misused in our country when referring to
other cultures. This can create a negative stereotype, one that suggests that people lack the
awareness to recognize the various cultures of the world and even those here in the US. There
are many people, for example, who are unaware of how many distinct cultures speak Spanish,
and incorrectly assume all Spanish speakers are Mexican, or all Spanish speakers are Spanish.
It is important to know how to correctly refer to others. There was a time when the attitude was
"English only" and everyone focused only on what was "American" but that is over, thankfully, as
people have recognized the importance and benefit of knowing about others and having the skills
to communicate across cultures and borders. After, what is truly "American" is a mix of all of the
cultures and customs brought by the people who found their way to the "New World" and started
this great nation.
The best practice is to avoid labeling people, but if it is necessary, it is best to use a general term
like Hispanic or Latino, Asian, or European. But even these terms are not preferred by all who fit
the definition. So if you are interested in somebody’s heritage, ask a question like "What is your
family’s heritage?" This can open up a conversation in a positive way, one that shows interest
and not assumption.
Why is it better to ask the previous question rather than "Where are you from?"
Let’s focus on the misidentifying that goes on with people here in the US. In what ways might
people have negative feelings about being misidentified?
Do you know your heritage and are you proud of that heritage? Do you identify with
your heritage or with being American or both?
Discuss any experiences you have with this issue and your thoughts about the topic
after considering the video and commentary you have read.
I encourage you to do further research on labels or terms like "Hispanic, Latino, and Chicano" and
share your findings and how these terms differ from one another. Do you think these terms
are useful? (Please follow APUS policy and use appropriate citations for any outside resources
you use or refer to. Always remember the plagiarism policy here at APU and avoid copy/pasting
from a web source).
Please read at least two posts and reply to specific information, agreeing or disagreeing with
ideas presented in the discussion. CHFD312

Communication Disorders
Jane is a first grade student who appears to be experiencing both expressive and receptive language
difficulties. More specifically, Jane experiences problems with expressing herself and actually understanding
what others say to her. Due to Jane’s expressive and receptive language difficulties, her teacher has contacted
her parents and the school speech pathologist because Jane’s grades in school have begun to suffer. Jane’s
teacher would like Jane to be evaluated by the school speech and language pathologist as well as the school
psychologist to determine if Jane possesses a learning disability.

1. Should Jane’s teacher be recommending her for an evaluation related to a learning disability? Why?
Why Not?

2. What interventions in the classroom could Jane’s teacher implement in order to help Jane with her
expressive and receptive language problems?




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