Database Searching Assignment

Database Searching Assignment

• How/where would you search for relevant articles related to the three queries below?

• Your responses should be justified according to the following:
a. Which database did you choose? Why?
c. How did you set up the search? What are the most important concepts?
d. Did the results answer the question?
e. Provide at least 2 relevant citations for each query.

• You can only use the following databases: PubMed, Scopus, SciFinder Web, CINAHL, PsycInfo.

Query Challenges
1. What is the latest on cell/mobile phone use and incidence of gliomas/astrocytomas?
2. I need to find some papers/posters presented at (any) conference on clusters of leukemia near nuclear power plants.
3. I want to publish my article on the use of telemedicine for pediatric obesity management. What is a good journal to submit to? What are the impact values of two possible journals?

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