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(a) Outline the provisions of the Occupational Safety and Health Act 2005 with regard to Risk Assessment

(b) The site manager of a construction company, employing fifty five employees on a three-storey building project, has decided to carry out a risk assessment of his activities. As a Health and Safety advisor you have been asked to advise and assist the site manager in this risk assessment exercise

(i) Describe the factors that should be considered while carrying out the risk assessment

(ii) Identify ten hazards which are likely to be present on this construction site and for each hazard explain who might be harmed and how

(iii) List the various circumstances that may require the risk assessment to be reviewed at a later date


Classification of work activities, identification of hazards, and determination of risk, evaluation, control and review play a key role in a proper risk assessment programme. Explain how each of these steps should be performed


(a) Identify eleven factors that should be considered for risk assessment of a Display Screen Equipment workstation

(b) Explain which ill-health effects could be caused by poor workstation design of Display Screen Equipment

(c) Explain the difference between workplace-based and Task-based risk assessment 

(a) Outline TWO physical and TWO psychosocial aspects that a risk assessor should consider when assessing the fit between a person and his work. 
(b) Describe how the aspects outlined in part (a) can influence the risk of harm and injury 
(c) Describe the term Health risk management and list the items that should be included in a well-designed checklist to verify how well an organisation is managing work-related health risks


Describe the steps an employer should take to ensure the better health and greater safety of employees who are being exposed to noise at work. You should focus on the assessment of risks and the provision of health surveillance, to be in compliance with provisions of the Occupational Safety and Health Act 2005

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