You will be writing for a discussion board. There is a 250 word minimum, APA format, must be cited. This must be factual, not opinionated. The topic you are writing on is : Synovial joints- subtypes, anatomy & example of each, Does this move?

Label each section according to the following that might apply to your topic:


  • *The explanation / background of the topic- Teach the topic to students. Break it down. (*Everyone must do this part). Include the Structure and Function relationship in the body Important. Interesting and current research on the topic.
  • Examples to clarify and teach. (Important!) (Your own examples can be critical thinking too.)


  • Tips and Tricks for Remembering and Recalling. Is there a mnemonic device that might help you memorize this information or what helps you understand this?
  • Connect the dots Use critical thinking. Why is this an important topic? How does it relate to other concepts in the text? Use your own words and thoughts here.4
Post 1: Main post 60 Points Possible
1. Student submitted a thorough, accurate and substantive post. This included addressing all of the original questions/topics in a clear, logical and organized manner. 25
2. Student demonstrated a clear understanding of the topic. Critical thinking about topic was included. 15
3. Assignment submitted on time and on a different day than other posts. Assignment met 325 word count minimum. 10
4. Appropriate scientific college-level sources were used. Post contained APA formatted references and in-text citations. The post was grammatically correct.


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