Dissertation Structure

Your dissertation is a research paper that holds much importance in your academics. Mostly your professor asks you to write a dissertation when you are pursuing a Ph.D. So, you can’t afford to write it without having clarity about its structure and many other factors as it might be harmful to your academics. So let’s have a look at the steps you need to take to write your dissertation. Dissertations are structured in a form of essays and related to your coursework. They are normally expected to be the original search of scholarly quality, but it implies the meaning of “Scholarly” and “original” can vary with level and discipline. Some dissertations consist of surveys, laboratory studies, and case-study curated by the author. While others present a series of arguments from which a conclusion is reduced such as the step-by-step critique of a writer’s work. Especially, at the lower stages such as Bachelor, several dissertations contains tertiary research such as survey and secondary research like drawing new conclusions from the already published paper.