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Please write an 3 page paper on the follwing topics. 

Its a positon paper, so both sides of the issue should be accountnable. along with how are though issue need to be fixed. 


Please look at that attached file for more imformation on how to do that assignemtn. 

My topic: 

Global warming has been an issue for many year now. However, when we look at the ocean we can see the impact in the PH levels as there is an increase of CO2 level. One of the way that we need to stop this is putting more emphases on the emission of CO2. This    can be done by reducing the production of cars or increase in public transportation all over.


and wha the teacher said: 


I think you need to reword so that you state we must reduce carbon dioxide by reducing the production of cars (not sure you could do this directly, but you could tax the cars so they are very expensive) AND increasing public transportation.  If the public transportation was accessible and cheap many folks would use even if cars were the same price.  Is this the US?  How will you pull this off?  Federal law requiring cities to connect all major areas?  By what year will they have to do this?  Will the federal government fund these projects?  Come up with some more details for your position.


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