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I need help with these short answers assignment. they are straight forward , short answer questions. 

Environmental science 


1, Cite four trends that indicate that the health of the planet earth  is suffering

2. What are the concept behind each of the three unifying theme s- sound science , sustainability and stewardship ?

3. Cite some reasons  for the existence  of controversy within science , and carefully distinguish between sound science and junk science 

4. What are the concerns of the  environmental justice movement?

5. What is globalization? what are the most significant elements

6. Distinguish between the biotic community and abiotic environmental factors of an ecosystem .

7. Define And compare the terms,  species, population and ecosystem

8. Give four examples  of potential energy. In each case,  how can the potential energy Be converted into kinetic energy.?

8. What is the chemical equation for photosynthesis? Examine the origin  and destination of each molecule referred to in the equation. Do the same for cellular respiration.

9. States the two energy laws. How they relate to entropy?

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