Evaluate the possible solutions to global warming

TOPIC: Evaluate the possible solutions to global warming

In your essay, you can refer to sources from the Skills for Study 3 Coursebook, but you MUST also refer to at least 3 other sources which you have found. You must ensure that the sources you use are academic and reliable; in particular, ensure that Internet sources are accessed via a reputable academic database or an academic journal.

What you will be assessed on:
1. Establishing a clear purpose or thesis statement for your essay
2. Developing a line of argument, expanding and supporting the arguments with reasons and relevant examples
3. Identifying and evaluating counter-arguments, opinions, or solutions
4. The extent and depth of your research of independently found sources
5. Writing in an evaluative rather than descriptive manner
6. Incorporating others’ work effectively by quoting, summarizing, and paraphrasing viewpoints
7. Compiling a complete, accurate, consistently referenced bibliography (standard Harvard system and using in-text citations accurately
8. The clarity of expression used in your writing, especially register and style.
the end of your essay.

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