Evaluate your tool and your interview skill and write objectives for improvement.


This assignment has four parts:

• Part 1: Research a cultural group different from your own, and adapt or develop a cultural and values assessment tool.
• Part 2: Use the tool to interview an individual from the cultural group that you researched.
• Part 3: Evaluate your tool and your interview skill and write objectives for improvement.
• Part 4: Engage in a cultural encounter related to the cultural group you studied.

Part 1
Start by identifying a cultural group that you want to know more about. A cultural group can be defined in many ways, i.e., by nationality,

ethnicity, profession, religion, sexuality, certain conditions such as deafness (the deaf community), etc. However, it will be easiest for this

assignment to choose a given nationality, ethnicity, or a group with recognized cultural aspects such as specific rules, language, beliefs, wrongs

and rights, etc. about which you can research in the literature. (You should also take into consideration that you will need to find someone of this

group to interview in person.)

Your next step will be to research information in the literature regarding that cultural group. You will need to explore a minimum of: one web site,

one chapter on the culture in a textbook addressing diverse cultures (such as those listed as supplemental texts in your syllabus), and one article

related to the culture from a reputable journal (such as Journal of Transcultural Nursing, Western Journal of Nursing Research, or Anthropology of


Next, look at the example assessment tools in the next file. You can adapt your own tool by using one of these frameworks, or a mixture of several,

plus adapt or add some questions specific to the cultural group from your reading about that group.

Part 2
Use the assessment tool that you develop to interview an individual who belongs to the culture you are studying. Tape record the interviews, or take

very good notes (this interferes with the interview, but the interviewee may not want to be taped), then write it up as in the examples. (Note: You

should take some notes even if you tape record, just in case the recorder doesn’t work! Lessons from experience….)

Part 3
A. Evaluate Your Cultural Skill


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