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How are skillful means used in Monkey?

Papers are divided into three categories, historical, cultural and comparative. The best paper that you submit in each of those categories will be counted towards the final grade. You will have the chance to submit up to 3 historical papers, 2 cultural papers and 1 comparative paper during the semester.

All papers should be printed on plain white paper, stapled, with no binding, cover or folder. All papers should have proper citations. I provide on the web-site a more detailed guide to citations: please remember that giving a list of sources cited is not enough. You will find, in the library, a folder of useful readings for each paper, and links on the web-site.

All papers will receive a mark out of 50.

10 marks will be given for grammar. Remember that you are expected to be able to communicate ideas clearly in flawless English. By the time you graduate, you should be able to write English as well as any native speaker. This is for all papers.

10 marks will be given for composition, that is, organization. Do not repeat yourself unnecessarily. All information should be relevant to your thesis. Think carefully about the proper order to present your ideas. This is for all papers.

The remaining 30 marks will be assigned in different ways for each type of assignment. I have indicated below the kind of questions you should be thinking about as you prepare these papers, but getting a good grade does not mean writing one paragraph answering each of the questions I’ve set out below – these are meant to be starting points, to set your minds rolling.

Cultural Papers:

The cultural papers give you an opportunity to respond to a film/television program that tells a religious story, and which was made for an audience in a different culture, either India or Japan. This demonstrates your ability to interpret intellectual or artistic works within a cultural context.

15 marks will be given for the knowledge that you display of the other culture. You will need to demonstrate that you have done some research that will enable you to understand the religious and cultural environment in which this work was produced. What gods/goddesses/saints appear? What rituals are used? What elements of the story may have been surprising to the original audience and why?

15 marks will be given to your own response to the film/television program. Did it hold your attention, and if so, why? Was the story told with skill? How did elements such as music and dance contribute to the experience? Remember, you are not watching these films and television shows for fun, and the point of the exercise is not for you to say whether or not you were entertained. The question is how the techniques of film and television were used to send a message. Bear in mind that if you think nothing worthwhile was communicated, that may indicate your own lack of understanding.

Cultural papers should be 1500 words long.

This Assignment is based on the Movie Monkey

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