how human actions can create groundwater pollution

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Lesson Assignment: Investigation

Complete this investigation to understand how human actions can create groundwater pollution. Create an electronic document of your work and upload it to this assignment link when you are finished.

L7Lesson Assignment: Freshwater

Explain why it is important to keep the freshwater rivers and streams of the Pacific Northwest healthy and how that relates to US Salmon fishing.

L8Lesson Assignment

Complete this hands-on Science investigation and decide how ocean tides can impact land ecosystems. If waves continued with NO HUMAN action, what could happen to coastlines?

  • In a large tub, fill one side with sand and pile it up like a beach. Add water about 1/3 the way up your beach. Get a paint stir stick.
  • Using the stir stick, hold it on its side and move it back and forth in the water to create waves that will crash into the shore.
  • Do this lab using both, small and large waves for a 5 minute time period. (Be careful not to splash your water out.) What do you observe?
  • Repeat by having the waves approach the shoreline at an angle. What differences do you see from the first experiment?

Once completed, upload images and an explanation of your project.

L9Lesson Assignment East and West Coast

What is the reason that the west coast of the US typically has cooler summers than the east coast? What in the Pacific Ocean and Atlantic Ocean can you point to in order to support you answer? Make a map of the US showing average summer and winter temperatures for 10 cities: 4 on the East coast, 4 on the west coast, and 2 in the central part of the country. Have the cities be CLOSE to the same latitudes (+/- 2 degrees). Then explain how you think the oceans affect the temperatures (or not) of those cities.

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