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General Rules: Project 4 – Opposing Viewpoint Guidelines

  The purpose of this paper is an exercise in the effective debate of a position by researching and understanding an opposing viewpoint.

There is no minimum or maximum page limit, but 2 -3 pages , double spaced, Times New Roman 12 point font, is a reasonable target.

Papers must be written by only one person, you! Use appropriate formatting.

Grammar and spelling will form a significant portion of the report grade. Reference citations of the papers should conform to the CEE department’s CEE Writing

Guide (provided on Moodle) and/or the official ASCE Authors’ Guide to Journals and Practice Periodicals, which can be found on the ASCE Publications website . (or ) A complete bibliography must also be included.

Papers (1 hardcopy) must be received by April 2, 2013 at 9:30 AM Eastern Time.

Opposing Viewpoint Paper Guidelines: Each student will research the argument against man-caused (anthropogenic) climate

change and present a persuasive paper highlighting several areas that challenge the idea that human activity is significantly contributing to global warming or cooling.

Be careful not to argue against climate change in general—rather you should focus your efforts on disproving data that indicates human activity is significantly affecting the global climate.

You will be expected to conduct research in this area using reputable sources (suggestions listed below).

It is likely that research for this particular assignment will be a little more difficult than the previous research project. Therefore, the use of peer-reviewed publications is not a requirement, but you should look for sources that hold positions of authority in academia or science (engineers, scientists, reputable researchers, think tanks, scientific institutes, etc.).

Excessive poor grammar and/or spelling errors will result in a whole letter grade reduction. Proper formatting and spacing is also important. If needed, reference the University Writing Resources Center for help.

Failure to use reputable sources will also result in whole letter grade reductions. Use of sources identified as prohibited below (or a complete omission of References, including in-text citations) will result in a two-letter grade reduction for this project.

 Reference Guidance

Suggested References

• Peer-reviewed journals • Technical publications • Scholarly articles
• Symposiums

• Government reports
• Professional publications
• National think tanks
• Industry reports that are backed by solid research Prohibited Sources

• Wikipedia
• Forums
• Online Q&A websites
• Newspaper and/or magazine articles that do not list sources
• Any other websites that do not list sources (an exception would be websites for

organizations that are authoritative in their field, such as )
• Political commentators (Rachel Maddow, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Ed Schultz, etc.) • Sources whose primary purpose is political (, Organizing for Action,

Infowars, Americans for Prosperity, etc . ) . 501 (c) (4) status or designation as a “PAC” or “Super PAC” generally indicates a primary function in politics . 

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