Identify/Critique Methodology

Points Possible
Anonymous Grading
Anonymous grading is currently turned on for this assignment. To remain anonymous, do not include your name or other identifying information in your assignment submission.
2. Select one of the papers below and write a critical essay about the method used in this article. Use peer-reviewed articles to compare and contrast your critical analysis. Cite accordingly and avoid long — and verbatim — quotes; instead, restate what you have read in your own words (once you feel comfortable that you have grasped the accurate meaning of the original document). And always remember: it is you, your essay — your idea — that comes first. You gain points for using the literature to strengthen your own/original argument, not the other way around.
Focus Groups
Murphy, B. L. (2007). Locating social capital in resilient community-level emergency management. Natural Hazards41(2), 297-315.
Field Observations
Gadhoke, P., & Brenton, B. P. (2017). Food Insecurity and Health Disparity Synergisms. In Responses to Disasters and Climate Change (Vol. 129, No. 138, pp. 129-138). ROUTLEDGE in association with GSE Research. (Available online at SHSU Library)
Document Analysis
  Warren, D. M. (2012). Constructing “the Other” Media Representations of Katrina Evacuees in Houston, Texas.  (2), 93-113.2Race and Justice

Grading Rubric:

i) Identify Main Argument/Further information about Author(s)/State your Position: 3 points

ii) Summarize Rationale/Logical Progression: 3 points

iii) Analyze Structure (Organization)/Style: 3 points

iv) Highlight Supporting Statements/Evidence: 4 points

v) Identify/Critique Methodology (Strengths and Limitations): 15 points

vi) State What You Have Learned from this Article (from a methodological standpoint)/How Can You Improve It?: 3 points

NOTE: Rubric built on idea that lowest possible score — as long as you submit something by the deadline — is a 69 (=F). So, there are 31 points available to earn above that grade.

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