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Identify the nursing care issue or problem and justify why it is a nursing care issue in need of implementation of evidence.

Here are the discussion questions. answer each questions and make references to where u got ur ans from….aka APA style and also use the links below

1. Integration of Evidence-Based Practice Into Professional Nursing practice.
As the professional nurse, you realize that your nursing care area often sees patients with the same particularly challenging nursing care issue (NOT medical care issue). Include allof the following in your answer to this discussion:

Identify the nursing care issue or problem and justify why it is a nursing care issue in need of implementation of evidence. Remember, this should not be a medical issue.
Explain how you would search the nursing literature for evidence on this topic (including search terms you would use) and how you would critically appraise the evidence found in your search. NOTE: You do not need to perform the search and provide an article for this discussion, but you may do so if you like.
2. Nursing Roles in Quality Improvement.
How do nurses promote patient safety and improve quality at your workplace? How do you report errors and near misses? What changes would you suggest be made on your unit or facility to improve a non-punitive culture of safety?

3. Leadership in Diverse Situations
Nurses demonstrate leadership in many situations. For this discussion, select one of the following situations that you have not previously experienced and tell us how the nurse would demonstrate leadership in that situation:

Communicating with legislators to influence health policy1
Clinical leadership at the bedside
Nursing management of units or facilities
Impact of systems-based practice on leadership
4. Use of Informatics in Professional Nursing.
How do you use informatics and technology in your nursing practice? How do you see that use changing in the future? What ethical issues have arisen or might arise from use of technology and informatics in professional nursing?

5.AACN BSN Essentials and Your Future Practice.

Question: Select one of the AACN BSN Essentials and elaborate on its meaning and importance in your own future professional nursing practice. In your post intended to clearly and thoroughly address the topic of this TD, be sure to:

Identify the AACN BSN Essential that you have selected by name and number.
Clearly and thoroughly explain why you selected this Essential.
Clearly and thoroughly explain how this Essential will be used in your future professional nursing career.
Pls chose any topic from the link I attached in AACN below for question 5. Thanks The links to answer the topic questions. > [8/15/2016]

6.Topic: Application of Nursing Theory to Practice.

You are a professional nurse caring for Mr. R, a 58-year-old patient who recently underwent surgery for colon cancer resulting in a temporary colostomy. Select one of the assigned or unassigned nursing theories from our textbook and address the following:

How you would provide professional nursing care for Mr. R. using the theory you have selected. Be sure to use terminology from the selected nursing theory to explain your interventions.


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