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so the homework going to be a report  about the service hours that i made in the Memphis islamic center. So u need  to give an information about this islamic center that i was volunteer in it for 30 hours.the in formation about this center u will find it here  (here ). also u need to show what is the social services that they offer, and what social services that i did in this center when i was volunteer  , even u could make  that from your mind to help me  present this report . also you could write about :

who is in charge of the organization

how is it funded

what does the organization do

when was it founded 

who gets the services that the organization offers .



to be clear this is a social work class and they asked me and all of the student to be voulnteering in any places that offers social services and help to do social services with them, so i choosed this memphis islamic center to be volunteering in it.

you could write two full pages , or more if u want. My name is Salal Alshammari

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