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In the scenario below use 300 words to discuss and identify what will be the primary leadership style and if any other forms of leadership can be utilized to accomplish the task.

You are working with a consultant group that has been contracted to identify a Warden for a new correctional facility currently under construction.  A transition team, to be led by the selected Warden, will have a budget and support staff, and has already been assembled.  The Warden must ensure that the transition team  meets the target date for institution opening in six months.  The team will be responsible to develop an operations manual; develop a staffing pattern; hire staff; train staff; prepare a furnishing and equipment (f&e) list, with purchase orders; and to establish a Community Relations Committee.  Your task  with the consultant group is to determine what style of leadership will be the most effective in directing the transition team? Why?

Is it possible for a leader to have and utilize more than one style of leadership? If so, how so; if not, why not?

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