10.  Which ones of these questionnaires, scales, or physiologic measures is used in this research study?

(Select all that apply).  

              a.   The Ways of Coping Questionaire (WAYS)

b.  The Nursing Stress Scale (NSS)

              c.   The Perceived Stress Scale (PSS)

              d.   The Quality of Life Scale (QOLS)

11.  How do the authors describe the reliability of the Nursing Stress Scale (NSS) in previous studies?

a.   Two follow-up emails were sent to potential participants.

       b.   they compared the odd and even questions on the test to determine their equivalence.

c.   a team of staff nurses was trained by the primary investigator to administer the questionnaire.

       d.   they tested a group of subjects twice using the same questionnaire (test-retest reliability).

       e. they computed a Cronbach’s alpha on the Nurse Stress Scale that was administered to this group of subjects.

12. How do the authors describe the validity of The Ways of Coping Questionnaire (WAYS).

              a.    discriminant validity demonstrated that each subscale measured the same constructs.

              b.   evidence of validity from contrasting groups because they gave it to spouses of MS nurses.

c.   no was no mention of determining the validity of WAYS questionnaire.

d.   The authors had experience with administering this questionnaire.

13.   What types of questionnaires or surveys were used in this research study?  (Select all that apply.)       

               a.  The authors developed the Professional Quality of Life Scale.

               b.  Interviews were reportedly used, but the authors do not explain what was included in them.

 c.  The authors developed their own questions to ask about demographic information.

d.   The authors report adding a few of their own questions at the end of the demographic questionnaire.

e.   This study did not use any questionnaires or surveys.

               f.    The authors used previously developed questionnaires or surveys to measure the study


14.   Were any physiological measurements collected from the subjects for the purpose of this study? 

              a.   Yes

              b.   No

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