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Choose one of the five branches of philosophy and then choose a philosopher from each of the following two different time periods that is associated with that branch of philosophy: epistemology, metaphysics, moral philosophy, social philosophy, and political philosophy.

 Classical/Hellenistic Period (Greek and Roman)Modern Period (15th century or 1400s to 19th century or 1800s)

(I already have Ludwig Wittgenstein done just need PLATO  for the Classical/Hellenistic period done. 4 slides at the most)


The philosophers you choose can be from your class readings and/or among those philosophers presented and discussed in class during our class sessions.


Describe the two philosophers, including their biographical backgrounds and their philosophical theories and ideas associated with the branch of philosophy you chose. Which of the two philosophers and their theories and ideas do you relate to the most and think make the most sense? Explain.

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