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 In many of the Assignments in the course, you employed ethical decision  making in order to recommend solutions to ethical issues within  government and nonprofit organizations. As a current or future public  administrator in a government or nonprofit organization, you must  act  responsibly and ethically to  ensure positive social change. One way to  promote the ethical conduct of your organization is to utilize ethical  decision making effectively. However, decision making often has  consequences for different groups.. For example, a decision that  positively affects a domestic population might negatively impact a  foreign population. 

 In this Discussion, you consider the impact of ethical decision making on positive social change. 

 Post an explanation of the impact of ethical decision  making on positive social change. Summarize specific examples of the  ethical decisions you proposed throughout the course and explain how  they might promote positive social change. Finally, explain any negative  impacts in terms of social change that this decision making might have. 

  Required Readings

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 Chapter 10, “Conclusion: Responsible Administration” (pp. 255–269)

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