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View the attachment below and presents a dilemma focusing on publishing in research, an area that may present psychology professionals with ethical conundrums involving such areas of concern as questionable data validity, undisclosed conflicts of interest, and false authorship credit.


Write a 3-page paper (double spaced) and 1 page (references) that includes the following:A description of the situation experienced by the graduate student related to publishing.An explanation of the ethical decision(s) you might make in this role. Support your response with the APA core principles you used to make each decision.An explanation of whether and how the outcome might have differed if you had chosen another set of core principles.

The lab:

 U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. (Producer.) (2001). The lab: An interactive video on avoiding misconduct.

Washington, DC: USDHHS: Office of Research. 

Retrieved from


Paper should be original and Citations should be in APA format, double space and it has to pass turnitin.


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