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Public Health Spending

In your opinion, what is the biggest advantage and biggest disadvantage of public health spending? Please include a discussion of the financial impact. Be sure to provide support for your opinion.

Expectations: 1 page, 3 references from required reading.

Required Reading

Read Chapter 5 of the following text:
Wing, K. R., & Gilbert, B. (2007). The law and the public’s health. Chicago, IL: Health Administration Press.

Anderson Smith, T., Minyard, K. J., Parker, C. A., Ferencik Van Valkenburg, R., & Shoemaker, J. A. (2007). From theory to practice: What drives the core business of public health? Journal of Public Health Management Practice, 13(2), 169–172. Retrieved from

Chernew, M. (2011). Health care spending growth: Can we avoid fiscal Armageddon? Inquiry, 47(4), 285-95. Retrieved from the Trident Online Library.

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