Reflective Journal

Write 100-word Reflective Journal on how this clinical scenario enhanced your understanding

of important communication techniques and what would be incorporated into your individual

communication style to improve the nurse-patient/family relationship.

Required criteria

1. 100 word minimum reflection

2. Identifies how this scenario enhanced

understanding of communication techniques

3. Addresses how these communication

techniques will be incorporated into their own

communication style to improve the nursepatient/family relationship

4. Logical reflective flow which follows standard

grammatical rules with minimal (1-2)


Case Video Transcript:

Tate leans toward Mr. Doka during conversation.


Tate knocks again. Then peers into the home.


Tate gives Mr. Doka his full attention.


“Mr. Doka is of the Muslim faith, and he holds very firmly to his practices. He adheres to the five formal prayers per day schedule.”


“I left a phone message this morning saying I would be here between 1 and 2, but I arrived a little early.”


Tate faces the client as he is addressed.


Tate takes his shoes off at the front door.


“Mr. Doka, it is Tate, from the home health service, here to do your physical therapy session. I saw Cathy just leave.”


“I’m really sorry I imposed upon your prayer time. Would you like me to come back later?”


“Why aren’t you allowed?”


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