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 References must be included in response and please write each response separately: 

Peer response one (JM)

The primary goal of pair bonding is to establish lasting relationships between individuals. Pair bonding is influenced by many different influential factors. For many people they live their lives seeking to find someone that they can feel secure and deeply loved by.

Motivations for Pair Bonding

Pair bonding in adulthood helps to fulfill three basic systems, caregiving, attachment and mating (Broderick &Blewitt, 2015).  From the time that we are born we search for a bond that will connect us to our parents. As humans we are naturally created to seek a bond from others whether that be emotionally, biologically or sexually we need that attachment. According to interpersonal theory individuals find satisfaction through interpersonal connections (Brandell,2010). From early child hood and even on to adulthood needs are met through others via peer groups, romantic relationships, and parents. At every stage during an individual’s life the needs are met from motivation for pair bonding.

Benefits and Challenges

Ensuring that one’s need for pair bonding is met can be challenging. One challenge would be the ability to maintain and keep a long relationship throughout adulthood. Work, school, and many other life factors can hinder one’s ability to keep a relationship going. Lack of trust can also make it hard to main a relationship. Like most situations that has challenges, benefits exist as well. The benefit of pair ponding is that it brings about a sense of one’s self.

Seeking Counseling

Many individuals may seek counseling because they may feel that they have a hard time to maintain relationships with others. Whether it be and individual or a couple they may all be seeking the same thing which is a solution to their problem. Seeking counsel allows for one to find answers to their attachment issue and ensure that all needs all met.


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Peer response two (A.B)


Influences on Pair Bonding

Two motivations for pair bonding are security and caregiving (Broderick & Blewitt, 2015.) From childhood through adulthood, people have a need to feel secure and long for affection. Pair bonding is the outcome when individuals seek those needs from one another (Broderick & Blewitt, 2015). Maintaining stable long term relationships in adulthood can be beneficial in the sense of gaining security and caregiving. Adults that have strong pair bonds with others have a stable source of security if they need support in trials or tribulations. It is also beneficial for adults to maintain stable relationships in caregiving to continue to feel purpose and to gain reassurance in their life.

Challenges of Pair Bonding

Challenges with maintaining stable long term relationships could be becoming overly dependent on relationships as well as conforming to partner need as opposed to being provided with personal needs. Adult relationships tend to become serious where sacrifices are made. If a romantic relationship is established, there are times where one partner may conform to the other partner’s needs disregarding their own. Also, some individuals may become too dependent on getting their needs met through the action of their partner to the point where they discount their own need to reciprocate emotions.

Impacts and Motivation for Counseling

Environment and socioeconomic status play part in pair bonding (Broderick & Blewitt, 2015). Many times people feel comfortable with partners with similar background and history. People tend to gravitate toward what is most familiar to them and that makes the environment and socioeconomic status key influences on compatibility and comfortability in partners. Sometimes differing views or backgrounds may push couples to seek counseling. Just because individuals with similar environmental upbringing or socioeconomic status may be drawn together, there are plenty of times that couples bond for other reasons. Sometimes backgrounds and history may be extremely different and this can prove to be challenging on the relationship. In these instances, counseling may be sought.


Broderick, P. C., & Blewitt, P. (2015). The life span: Human development for helping professionals (4th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education

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