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Remarkable Gaming Company
The Playbox Program

1.        RFP Overview

Remarkable Gaming Company is looking to develop an e-Commerce platform to sell its Playbox gaming consoles online.  Two versions of the gaming console will be sold:  a higher end Platinum Package and the Standard Package.  In additional to the 2 separate packages being offered online for sale, we want to offer a financing program where the buyer is offered a 0% interest installment loan at a set monthly payment for 24 months.  We believe that by offering this financing, we can attract more purchasers of our gaming consoles.  The differences between the 2 packages are shown below:

  Platinum Package Standard Package
CPU 8 Core i7 4 Core i7
Memory 16 GB DDR3 8 GB DDR3
Storage 1 Terabyte 500 Gigabyte
GPU 800 Mhz 600 Mhz
Online Subscription 2 years 1 year
Price $899 $599

The Platinum package is geared toward serious gamers while the standard package is an entry level package for most consumers who are casual gamers or first-time buyers.
We believe the market for online games is growing especially for first time gamers and for professional experienced gamers.  In addition, with the growth of e-Sports, we believe there will be an increase in demand for the higher end Platinum Package console.  We are uniquely position in the gaming console industry to benefit from the expected rise in the gaming industry as our consoles are compatible with all software games on the market.
Remarkable Gaming Company is a manufacturer and software company for the gaming consoles only.  We currently have a US and an International patent for our gaming consoles both for the hardware and our proprietary software which allows any games to be played on our console.  We are a US company headquartered in Palo Alto, California and we develop our software at our headquarters.  Currently we have 200 employees of which 100 are software engineers.  The other employees include customer service representatives, sales, product management, project management, risk, operations, quality control, finance and management personnel.  Our market is only the US currently but we want to expand to other international markets in the future.  We have suppliers for the game console parts in 3 countries, China, Korea and Taiwan.    We also use a company in China to assemble the parts, package and ship direct to headquarters where we keep warehouse the inventory.  We currently only sell directly at gaming events, through distributors who in turn sell to their customers and through our customer service center.  Customer service center can only take the orders over the phone today which limits our sales volume.
The internal systems we have at Remarkable Gaming Company are:

  • We have an inventory management system call IMS which keeps track of our inventory of gaming console supplies in our warehouse at our headquarters. IMS also tracks the parts from the suppliers and the total number of assembled consoles ready to be shipped.
  • We have a customer relationship management system called CRM that keeps track of our customers information today. This information includes customers name, address, email, country, phone. Customers shipping, billing and credit card information is also stored (with customers approval) for future purchases.
  • We have a finance system called FS that keep tracks of our costs for the consoles based on prices of the component parts and the retail prices we sell to customers. FS calculates our profit (or loss) for each unit sold real time.
  • We have customer service system called CSS that is used to record calls from customers who call in about any issues or need support. CSS work cases are created by our customer service agents, logged and tracked. These work cases are assigned to the right personnel in the company to handle until they are completed.
  • We have a human resource system called, HCM that keeps track of all of our employees, their performance rating, job function and other personal information.

It is expected in your proposal that you design the new e-Commerce platform that is integrated with our existing platforms above:  IMS, CRM, FS, CSS and HCM.
All questions about this Request for Proposal (RFP) can be directed to our company representative:
Steven Pae
Senior Vice President
The Remarkable Gaming Company
All communications will be done via a set time on Mondays and Wednesdays between 6pm and 9pm and via email only.


The following are the business requirement for this RFP:

  • An ecommerce site, well designed and intuitive that allows customers to see the 2 gaming console packages for purchase.
  • The ability for the customer to purchase multiple units of both consoles if needed.
  • The ability for the customer to add units to a shopping cart and checkout.
  • Upon checkout, the customer enters his/her contact information, shipping information.
  • Choose shipping options including ground, 2 day or next day expedited shipping for extra cost.
  • The ability for the customer to pay via credit card or choose financing.
  • If the customer chooses financing and the customer is approved for financing, the customer must provide the bank information to setup the monthly automated payments. (24 fixed monthly payments at 0% interest rate).
  • The ability for the customer to setup an account using his/her email to see purchase history, status of delivery and if financing, progress of the monthly payment to total payment required.
  • The ability for the customer to call or chat our customer service center for any questions about the purchase or his/her account. Chat is a new system and must be part of the e-Commerce platform.
  • Ability for the customer to return the equipment within 30 days for a refund excluding shipping costs; no returns are allowed after 30 days.

The following our Operational and System Integration Requirements:

  • When customers select to purchase a console, the inventory management system, IMS, is checked to ensure there is enough supply of the consoles. If there isn’t enough supply in our warehouse, we check the inventory in our assembly plant in China and then we request a shipment is made directly from China to the customer. Regular shipments are made monthly from China to our local warehouse.  Once a purchased is made by the customer on the new e-Commerce platform the IMS system is updated to reflect the decrease in inventory.  Depending on how well we sell the units, we may need to increase our regular shipments to the US from China as shipping directly to the customer from China is expensive. A monthly report is required to check inventory levels in our warehouse, inventory in China and to keep track of how many shipments were made directly from China to the customer.
  • When customers checkout and create an account, the CRM system is updated with a record of the new customer. This record will also be linked to all transactions that the customer has made on the e-Commerce site and customer service requests.
  • The FS system is updated to keep track of the retail selling cost, the cost of the inventory for each unit and units sold as customers purchase consoles. It also calculates a real time profit and loss (P&L).  A monthly report is required to show monthly P&L from all the sales.
  • The CSS system needs to be updated with customer service calls and if the customer also uses the new chat feature to contact us. CSS will create a new record to track that chat session as well.  A monthly report is required to understand all customer service calls, duration for each call, and reason.
  • The HCM system is used to keep track of the customer service agent that worked with the customer and resolved the issue for the customer.

The following are the technical requirement for this RFP:

  • The new e-Commerce site must be easy to navigate and well designed
  • The new e-Commerce site must also be designed and rendered properly for mobile tablets and phones.
  • The e-commerce site must be able to handle 1 million customers daily and up to 100,000 customers using the site concurrently at various stages of the purchase transaction.
  • The site must be available 24×7 with total availability time of 99.9% uptime.
  • All data about the customer and their purchase transaction must be encrypted, secure and back-up nightly.
  • Financing through a bank must be done within 2 minutes. Financing requires a credit check on the customer. Customers can be denied financing if their credit scores are low. If denied financing, the customer can opt to purchase using a credit card.  Financing and how it is integrated with a bank or other financing provider need to be included in the proposal.


RFP Response

The following are expected in your proposal:

  • Describe your company and why you are the best fit for building this e-Commerce platform.
  • Research into the gaming market and why selling online is a winning strategy.
  • Develop a customer journey flow on how customers go online and make a purchase. In addition, show:
    • Customer purchase journey including financing
    • Customer return journey – returning the equipment
    • Customer service journey – customer calling and asking for help to our customer service department. This should include both online chats and phone calls.
  • A system diagram outlining the data flow between major system components. This should include:
    • Websites
    • Hardware/Databases/Cloud
    • All Reports
    • Integration to IMS, CRM, FS, CCS and HCM.
    • Financing using banks or other financing means
  • A high-level project plan showing the software development life cycle and when we would launch the new e-Commerce platform. This plan should be a month by month plan starting in January of 2019 until your projected end date of system completion, training and launch.
  • Describe how you will provide the financing program. How will you do this directly or through a bank.
  • What programming language and tools will you use to develop the software. Why did you choose these?  Describe your systems development methodology.
  • What hardware or systems platforms will be required?
  • What database system will you use to store the data? Will it be on the cloud or on premise? What are the data storage requirements?  What type of data will you be storing?
  • How will you ensure the system is safe from malware and hacker attacks? How will you ensure customer data is secure and private?
  • What innovation and new technologies will you incorporate in your solution?
  • How would you localize the e-Commerce system if we launched this platform to other international markets?
  • What type of analytics and reports will be created so we can measure sales, profit and costs?
  • How will you manage building this new e-Commerce platform with Remarkable Gaming Company? What is the project governance and project management structure required?
  • What type of training to our personnel and preparation will be required prior to the launce of the e-Commerce site to the market?
  • What staffing will be on the project from your firm and what do you require from the Remarkable Gaming Company in terms of people, time and resources.
  • What are the project risks and how will you mitigate them?
  • Total cost of the work and how you calculated the costs. Describe all the components of your pricing structure.


RFP Response Format

  • Proposals must provide a straightforward and concise description of the solution you are implementing answering all the required questions.
  • All submissions are to be a PowerPoint Presentation of 14-17 slides. Appendix is optional but no more than 3 additional pages.
  • Please also include one additional Appendix page at the end describing each team members contribution to the RFP.
  • This RFP response is due by Monday Oct 15, 2018. No extensions given.
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