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Research Project

Task 1: Choose topic and research papers


A research effort commences with scanning libraries for existing sources that informs your research interest. The purpose of Task 1 is to give you feedback on the quality of journal articles selected for the literature review in Assignment 1.

Learning outcomes (LOs) mappingMarks
1. Engage in research environments, critically appraising the research of others.16
Structure and referencing4
Total marks20

Task 1 (20 marks | weighting 20% | Word limit: 1,500 words)

You are required to choose a topic for your literature review in Assignment 1 and provide a list of ten (10) research papers for inclusion in your review on the topic.

Note: You must carefully select your topic of interest, as this topic will form the basis of your literature review in Assignment 1 and your research proposal in Assignment 2.

The topic should relate to financial planning or applied finance.

Your answer to this task must include the following:

• an introduction:

A concisely presented clear introduction explaining the background of your topic and why the research problem is important to solve.

• a selection of research papers:

A selected list of ten (10) research papers that are concisely summarised and justified for relevancy to your research interest. These ten (10) research papers should have been published in scholarly journals within the last four years unless your research is a historiography. Seminal papers are an exception to this rule, if you are able to provide a brief justification.

List your research papers using the Harvard referencing style. The Harvard referencing guide is available at:

• a conclusion:

A brief conclusion on your topic.

• a reference List:

This is only required if you have used any resources other than the ten (10) papers listed within the ‘Selection of research papers’ section. Harvard referencing should be used correctly for in-text citations and the reference list.

Submit your answer in the ‘Task 1 Submission’ text box in KapLearn. The tutor will provide feedback on your topic and the research papers you have selected; this feedback should be used when completing Assignment 1.

Criteria-based Marking Guide

The Criteria-based Marking Guide is designed to assist students in understanding what is expected of them in the task and to let them know how their performance will be assessed. It provides advice about the criteria used in the marking of the task and what discriminates between an excellent, satisfactory and unsatisfactory answer.

Excellent (Mark range: 15–20 marks)Satisfactory (Mark range: 10–14.5 marks)Unsatisfactory (Mark range: 0–9.5 marks)
• A well-articulated and logically structured introduction is provided, including background and the rationale and relevance of choosing the topic.• A list of ten (10) research papers relevant to the topic is provided with sound justification.• A well-articulated, clearly structured and brief conclusion is included.• The Harvard referencing style has been used accurately.• The assignment adheres to the question’s word limit.• An introduction is provided, including a briefly outlined rationale for choosing the topic.• A list of ten (10) papers relevant to the topic is provided but some are inappropriate or the list includes too many non-scholarly articles, articles that have not been peer reviewed or media articles with some justification.• A conclusion is provided.• The Harvard referencing style is used with minor errors or inconsistencies.• The assignment adheres to the question’s word limit.• An introduction is not provided or confusing; the topic is outlined poorly with little or no background or context; no clear rationale for choosing the topic.• A list of fewer than ten (10) papers is provided and/or the papers are inappropriate or not relevant to the chosen topic and there is little or no justification.• A conclusion is not provided or poorly written.• No use of referencing or the Harvard referencing style is not used.• The assignment is significantly under or over the word limit.

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