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STEP ONE: MAKE A SIGHTSEEING ITINERARY Why waste time figuring out what to do once you get to your city? Decide the places of interest before you leave for your destination. • SIGHTSEEING ITINERARY • SAMPLE ATLANTA SIGHTSEEING ITINERARY STEP TWO: GET TRAVEL DIRECTIONS You will print out written directions for driving to your chosen city. You can also print out a road map, if you like. • TRAVEL DIRECTIONS • SAMPLE ATLANTA DIRECTIONS STEP THREE: CHECK THE WEATHER FORECAST You need to know what kind of weather conditions exist so that you can pack the right clothes. Why buy things once you arrive if you can pack what you need? • WEATHER FORECAST • SAMPLE ATLANTA WEATHER CONDITIONS STEP FOUR: PACK AND SHOP Prepare a list of items you need to pack/take with you on your trip. Then, write directions to the store nearest you so a family member can pick up these items. STEP FIVE: ADDITIONAL FINDS Select one of the following to detail a specific find for your planned trip: 1. Call the destination city’s Chamber of Commerce to find out any additional information about one of your places of interest. 2. Contact the hotel in which you and your classmates will be staying and find out the room rates for the nights of your planned trip. 3. Contact one of your chosen places you and your classmates will be visiting and find out the hours of operation and cost for the admission to this place of interest.

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