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The topic can be anything about Zen Buddhism in any of its versions (Chinese, Korean, Japanese, American, etc.), and could focus on any aspect of the Zen religious tradition such as its ideas, practices, or social organization. As discussed in class, and as your syllabus indicates, the paper is due in class April 21. In Blackboard you can find a folder full of readings that may be of use in writing this paper, and a bibliography consisting mainly of books that are all excellent. You are welcome to confer with me about the topic, sources to use, and the thesis statement on which to base your paper. Please see the syllabus for guidelines on academic writing, the thesis statement, argument, and citing of sources. Hand in two copies of your paper and I can return one to you. More than one source must be used in support of your argument, cited in your paper, and listed on a bibliography. Your syllabus gives guidelines on citing whatever you quote or paraphrase. Good examples of bibliographic citation can be found in Seeing Through Zen (pp. 184-193) and Moon in a Dewdrop (pp. 155-156). Since half the internet was written by lunatics, please avoid websites that claim to give information about Zen unless you have my approval of such websites before the paper is completed. As your syllabus indicates, Wikipedia is not reliable and not to be used. This paper counts 25% of your course grade (250 points out of 1000), so please give it the attention that it deserves. Spelling, punctuation, grammar, and sentence structure are features of effective communication, and are expected in an assignment such as this one.

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