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When doing research on the media, culture and society, there is a need for a deeper narrative method in order to get a full overview about the facts and common sense. Ethnography is one of the methods that can collect detailed materials about the research objects by making interviews, taking files and observing people’s daily life. R esearchers take part in the life of the local people in a targe ted place . By taking longer time to get experience, detailed records and careful observation, the researchers could write a narrative report on related problems. With the development of the ethnography method, it has been gradually introduced into the researching field of media, culture and communication. It enriches the research methods of communication. However, there are many disputes about this method. In this essay firstly a brief description about the method of ethnography will be made followed by its application in the area of media and culture. Following this a personal experience of travelling to a small village in China will be detailed to illustrate an example of how ethnography could be used in researching TV’s impact on local people’s daily life and culture. Finally, the advantages and disadvantages about the method of ethnography and the effects will be discussed.
Brief description of ethnography and its application
The method of ethnography is a written text which is compiled by long time field research work (Spradley, 1980). It could offer brief description about people’s daily life in a certain cultural background. It is the basic method in ethnology and is gradually used in wider areas such as marketing, management and communication. Ethnography is a summary of a series of methods. The first one is observing , which is an important way to collect first hand data. The researcher of the ethnography has to live with the observing objects to observe their personal and collective behaviors.
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