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Discuss your results from taking the Selective Theory Sorter in class and talk about the following (DO NOT include questions as headers):

The theory chosen is the Cognitive-Behavioral Theory.


1. How does your personal view of the world agree or disagree with the perspective of your theoretical orientation?

2. Are there any major areas of disagreements between your personal worldview and the perspective of your theoretical orientation?

3. What are some ways that one of your top theoretical orientations displays similarities with your worldview?

4. Given your unique worldview and theoretical orientation, how might a client’s experience with you be different than with another counselor?

5. Seek out at least two landmark sources (peer reviewed journal articles) associated with your theoretical orientation. A landmark source is a seminal work that establishes a theory or concept within the literature. Use these sources to talk about the origin and basis of your theoretical orientation. Please ask questions about this portion if you are unsure.

Journal Articles (to be incorporated into the Counseling Theory Paper)

These are points to address, but not in an outline form (must use headings) for your paper.

Minimum length: 3 pages of content (not including title page & reference page)

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