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There are three things that you need to do to be successful in the course project: Don’t skip analysis and design and go straight to coding; otherwise you will get into a “build and fix” mode of programming which will always, always lengthen the time it takes you to complete the program. Complete the weekly iLab exercises before you start the course project coding. You can do the project analysis and design before you start coding, but the iLab exercises will give you practice in the programming techniques you need to complete the project. Start analysis and design early; don’t wait until the end of the week to figure out what you are supposed to be doing. If you start analysis and design at the beginning of the week, then you will have time to ask questions in the TDAs and get your questions answered early. Deliverables Starting in Week 4, you will create the IPO chart and pseudocode for the program, then you will continue to update the IPO chart and pseudocode each week. The MS Visual Studio Project file will also be updated from week to week, so there will be no need to start from scratch each week. Each week you will submit the following: Current IPO chart and pseudocode MS Visual Studio Project folder Completed Test Plan Put the IPO chart, pseudocode, and Test Plan in the MS Visual Studio project folder, zip up the entire folder Week 5 – Conditional Statements Modify the design and program to test if each letter the user entered is one of the letters in the word. If the letter guessed is in the word, display a message to the user that they guessed correctly, if not display a message that the user guessed incorrectly. Add a score variable that will keep track of the number of incorrect guesses. If the user guesses incorrectly, increment the score variable. Display the score at the end of the program. Week 6 – Iteration and Arrays Modify the design and program to allow for iteration. Increase the number of guesses to 10 to solve the word. Display the word to the user with each letter as a special character such as ********. Create an array of correct letters guessed such as: char[] guessed = new char[26]; You will need counter also to keep track of how many letters are in the guessed array. You do not need to keep track of incorrectly guessed letters. Week 7 – Arrays and Output This is your final modification to the project. Modify the design and program of the program so that the word is stored as an array. You can use code such as the following: char[] word = "happy".ToCharArray(); Where "happy" is replaced with your name. Add a for loop to display each letter in the word character array. If it has been guessed correctly, display the correct letter, if not display the special character. Optional: Instead of a fixed number of guesses (10), stop the program once the user guesses the correct

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