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There are two parts to this week's Essay Prep assignment. First, you'll practice citing and referencing. Second, after reviewing the textbook information in chapter 7 on White Collar crimes and reviewing the FBI website, you'll create an outline for your final essay assignment on White Collar Crimes. Third, you'll include Part 1 and Part 2 in a Word document that you'll save and upload to the appropriate portal. Part 1. Practicing APA Quote from the textbook and cite per APA Paraphrase and cite from any the page of interest at the FBI website. Complete a reference list for the textbook and the website you cited above Part 2. Complete your Outline Below is the outline for your Class Essay. Go to the FBI White Collar Crime website and review a few of the Major Threats and Programs. After reading through a few pages of interest to you, fill in the blue sections of the outline with information that YOU want to write about for your paper. Re-write the outline so that it reflects what you'll be writing your paper about. Introduction (summary of main points, thesis statement) Definewhitecollar crimes. Identifyonewhitecollarcrime you will research and write about. Identify a second white collar crime you will research and write about. Identify a third type of white collar crime to research and write about. Conclusion (summary of main points) Save Part 1 and Part 2 in the same Word document

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