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Instructions are in Ass3_2016.html. Please only do the Programming Part, not need to do written part. There is three class need to fill, MyEdge, MyedgeWeightedGraph, Kruskal. MyEdge and MyedgeWeightedGraph should be very similar to and on the website. See the link below. The difficult part is MyKruskal, the include() and excludes () method. Please see the instructions in Ass3_2016.html The attachment java file have many bugs so please feel free to edit them. Because all java program import algs4.jar so how to compile and run: the command is "javac -cp .;algs4.jar" and "java -cp .;algs4.jar MyKruskal test.txt" on Windows (please note the semicolon after the "." in the command). If you are on a Mac or Linux the commands are "javac -cp .;algs4.jar" and "java -cp .;algs4.jar MyKruskal test.txt" (please note the full colon instead of a semicolon).. In the end, if you use the main method in to test you should input test.txt containing : the test.txt containing 4 5 0 1 999 1 2 10 2 3 99 3 0 11 0 2 3 Then the output should something looks like: include(G)=1197 and exclude(G)=1293 Feel free to ask me any questions. Thank you very much,

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