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There will be a research essay assignment for Units 8. Complete the answers to the questions below in a Word document and submit them by Sunday night. You need to include outside evidence and documentation to support your answers; that is why these are research essays and not just a "take-home exam." The quality of your research directly affects your grade. The answers to these assignments should be complete, well organized, and consist of 3-5 typed, double-spaced pages for each question. See the Essay Paper Rubric on the Rubrics page under Course Information. Choose one of Porter’s generic business strategies: (a) broad cost leadership; (b) focused cost leadership; (c) broad differentiation; (d) focused differentiation. Discuss how choosing that business strategy will affect staffing strategy relative to the factors considered in staffing models and staffing strategy. Based on the business strategy chosen in topic 1 above, how will that strategy affect your planning efforts in terms of human resource planning, staffing planning, and diversity planning? Based on the business strategy chosen in topic 1 above (a) Name one substantive assessment method that you would use, and explain why; (b) Discuss what you would do to maximize the reliability and validity of the decision process.

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