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There's a knock at your office door. You look up and see one of your employees standing there with a stack of papers in her hand. He's been working for you for about six weeks now. "Can I talk to you for a minute?" he says, a bit nervously. "No problem, come on in," you reply He enters and shows you the notes in his hand. "I need help. I'm working on this report for the boss, but I'm having a tough time getting beyond my rough notes, and it's due in five days. I'm especially worried about how to find reliable information, and how to organize it. I'd also like to know how to make sure I'm reaching my audience. Finally, I'm concerned about my style. The boss says I'm not as clear as I should be when writing for busy readers. Could you give me some suggestions?" You look at his notes, and you glance at the stack of papers already on your desk. "Sure. You bet. Sit down, and let's cover these three areas."

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