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Think about the title of Norris' essay. In general, what is "the secret ingredient" that monastic life advocate? What specific examples of monastic life does Norris provide as support for this controlling idea upon which the title of her essay is based? What are some of the features of Monastic life that Norris feels outsiders might deem, "insignificant?" Norris uses the revelation by Thomas Merton that he "did not care about the secret ingredient," to illustrate that: A. Merton was unable to identify the toothpaste brand he regularly used. B. Merton's experience with the Benedictines helped him identify what was important, and what wasn't. C. We should all be able to identify the colors on our toothpaste packaging. D. All of the above Thomas Merton was a Trappist Monk. True False Norris writes that Thomas Merton believed that everyone should, "Eat Wheaties." True False According to Norris, Merton believed that noise: A. could be tyrannical. B. could be prophetic. C. could help us understand which shampoo to use. D. all of the above.

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