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This assessment item relates to the course learning outcome 1 to 9 as stated on page 1 of the course profile. Enabling objectives Apply the digital forensics methodologies. Write an analysis of a case study. Prepare an outline of a professional digital forensic plan. Instructions The Case – A Digital Forensic Investigation Plan Summary: One World Finance (OWF) is a specialist provider of high quality, consumer finance services to a global network of customers. Trading in Australia and New Zealand since 1990, the company employs more than 750 employees and the company serves more than 5 million customers. The company’s main office is situated in Brisbane with other branch offices located in Sydney and Melbourne. OWF has invested heavily in information technology for supporting its global business operations and achieving competitive advantages over its competitors. Major investments were made by the company in 2001 but management has lost focus in updating the networks and application infrastructure that supports the business operation in recent years. The network environment between all of OWF offices is flat and relatively unrestricted. Users from one office can access systems and servers from another office. Workstations and servers are typically Microsoft Windows-based. Firewalls and network segmentation are implemented poorly throughout the environment. Intrusion detection and logging exist on systems but they are not effectively used.

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