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This assignment demonstrates your understanding of the various issues around the OS scheduler. It also serves to help move you along with the final project. Before attempting this project, be sure you have completed all of the reading assignments, hands-on labs, discussions, and assignments to date. Take the project you wrote in the homework last week and do an FCFS scheduler with 5 IO bound threads (1 class) and 5 processor bound threads (another class). The IO bound class will be a thread class that runs an IO intensive operation. You can write to the system out a number of times (ie 1000) or do something like read and write a file. The processor bound class will be a thread class that runs a computationally intensive operation. You can perform some math computation a number of times. No IO in the loop. Create a controller class that implements an FCFS schedule and instantiates 5 objects of each class and runs each object. Take the start and stop time for each thread and print out the time it takes to run. Take the start and stop time to schedule and run all the threads and print out the time to run. First time intersperse

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