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This assignment requires completion of three questions as listed below. Note: The correct use of contemporary scientific terminology and forensic applications will result in higher scores. Vague or nondescript terminology or processing applications will not generate a high score. The expected length for this assignment is between 2 – 3 content pages exclusive of the title page and reference section. You are welcome to exceed this limit as the more substantive and detailed all work, the more credit it will tend to earn. Utilize your textbook and other external sources if necessary to answer the required questions. Your answers should be summarized in your own words and should demonstrate a thorough understanding of each of the questions posed. Copying or paraphrasing from the text will not garner credit. You must include original reflection and demonstrate critical thinking with these questions. Please be sure to thoroughly cite any resources used for your summary. Failure to provide credit to your sources, papers comprised of excessive quoted material, or any paper deemed to be plagiarized will result in a zero grade for this assignment. Please note there are no re-do's on plagiarized work so do not risk your grade. All work will be screened for plagiarism. Your paper must adhere to APA formatting guidelines. This includes a title page and a properly formatted Reference section. Please include only one attachment for this assignment. Your attachment should address all three questions in one document. You are the defense attorney for a client that has been charged with causing a death by reckless driving and failing to stop and report an accident (hit and run). The police have told you that there is forensic paint evidence which links your client's car to the victim but the report has not yet been released to you. How will the paint have been examined by the forensic scientist and what do you anticipate will be the strengths and weaknesses of the resulting evidence? In cross-examining the forensic scientist, what issues would you develop in order to minimize the impact of the paint evidence?

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