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I don't know how to get the error statements in this program working. I also need to change the output to a file. Here is the assignment description: This assignment requires that you develop a program using the templated linked stack structure. In this assignment you must use the fifth data structure we covered, a linked stack. If the RPN is valid, display the message This is a valid RPN expression as shown in the above example. Make sure you display the final resulting value also. If the expression is an invalid RPN expression print a message describing the reason the expression is not a RPN expression and do not continue trying to evaluate a result. Invalid RPN’s are: Not enough operands (alternatively – too many operators) Not enough operators (alternatively – too many operands) An example of an invalid RPN is: (Token 11): Push 11 (Token 2): Push 2 (Token *): Pop 2 Pop 11 Push 22 (Token +): Pop 22 Not enough operands This is an invalid RPN expression Use the file RPNexpressions.txt on the Connections Portal as input. Create a report named RPNResults.txt for your output. Do not display your results on the console.

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