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This assignment will give you the opportunity to conduct your own Field Sobriety Tests (FSTs). As outlined in your text, there are three standardized tests used by an officer to determine if a suspect is impaired. Select one of the following learning activities on which to base this assignment: Using the three standardized tests, conduct mock FSTs. Evaluate your ability to perform the tests and any issues you feel these tests might provide in determining if someone is under the influence. Knowing what you know about ethanol and blood alcohol concentration, how would you explain in court what it means to be driving under the influence? Document your findings in a two-page paper; include a brief detailing of each of the field sobriety tests, describe your ability to perform the tests, evaluate field sobriety tests as a persuasive means of proving impairment by alcohol, and explain the weaknesses of using field sobriety tests in court to prove alcohol impairment.

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