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This assignment will require a tutor with complex business law knowledge as it covers multiple chapters, lawyer-like the written expression, and no punctual or English errors. The resource for this assignment is the book International Business Law and its Environment by Schaffer, Augusti, Earle. It is available in ebook format: – also included as an attachment. Requirements: Each section should have at least 150 words, however, it might require more to cover the question. The more quality will be put in the better tip. Cannot be plagiarized from the internet (no copy paste etc.) ideally, you'll use only the ebook provided. However, if internet references will be used they need to be in APA. I'll run it through a check before it is turned in. It needs to be professionally written, lawyer alike, without punctual or structural mistakes. Most sections require to pick only ONE question from the selection while other needs to answer ALL OF THEM. It is described in the beginning right after the red text underlined. Please provide summaries, NOT quotes, of material set out in the text. The assignment is NOT meant to encourage research on the Internet. All that you need is in the text. Ideally, the text will be your only source. But again, if internet references will be used they need to be in APA. As you progress through the readings, your responses should incorporate the information you have gathered from multiple sections of the text. Please provide FREQUENT references to pages from the text used in the response (from ebook provided if used).

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