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This course has introduced and assessed many noteworthy figures related to the continuing buildup of the United Statesand its place within the world and globalization during the last 140 years. For this assignment, you will choose anoteworthy civil rights leader from the mid-20th century to the present. Your selection may be taken from speakers orreligious, economic, or social leaders. You may not use any U.S. President. This assignment is open to any reformdiscussed in this course (e.g., creed, race, age, status, or gender).Prepare an outline of how you would choose to communicate that figure’s relevance to today. This is not a biography.Your argument should highlight how society remembers him or her now.For this assignment, you will be creating a one-page outline (minimum of 300 words) about your chosen figure. If youchoose, this could be used to help write your transcript for the Unit VII assignment described below. Submit your outline inthis unit. It is suggested, though not required, that you include potential sources.

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