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This essay assignment is based on the review of a specific assigned video in the accompanying Course Mate web site. Make sure you have read Chapter 4 in the textbook. Log in to the CourseMate Web site. Select Chapter 4. Click "Management Workplace Videos" and view the video on Theo Chocolate. After reviewing the video and studying Chapter 4, respond to the following four questions in an essay (introduction, body and conclusion) format. Grading will be based on your ability to incorporate core ideas from the textbook and respond to each question in a detailed and structured manner. Video Analysis Essay Questions Note: Minimum word count for each question is 200-250 words. Provide an overall summary of the video. Provide details and examples to support your answer. Which of the four strategies in responding to social responsibility discussed in Chapter 4 of your textbook best reflects Theo Chocolate? In addition, what are the key lessons learned from this video? Provide details to support your response. Based on the details provided in the video, define and describe the terms "triple bottom line" and "enlightened capitalism." What was your overall impression of the chocolate industry as a whole? Provide details to support your answer. Based on the details provided in the video, discuss the social, environmental, and economic issues faced by the farmers in the cocoa producing countries. Provide suggestions for improving the social and environmental conditions of the cocoa farmers. Provide details to support your response. References Aloni, N. (2002). Enhancing humanity. Dordrecht, Netherlands: Kluwer Academic Publishers. Buchanan, L. (2010, June 8). A little enlightened self-interest. Inc. Retrieved from Patagonia. (2013). Company information. Retrieved from

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