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This essay is a revision of Essay 2 (last), with a required worksheet. Look at all the parts of your Essay 2-introduction, key points, examples from the text, secondary source material, and your conclusion. How can you revise, or “re-see,” the second essay to make it even better than it was? Your grade on this will be based on the revision and on your analysis of your revision process. The required revision worksheet follows this topic. You must download it, complete the worksheet and then submit it, along with your revised essay Revision Worksheet In Essay 3, you will make use of self-critique, peer review, and instructor feedback to revise your Essay 2. You must submit a description of the revision process, including the sources of feedback you used and a description of the revisions you made to address the concerns raised by your reviewers. Instructions: Answer the following questions, save the document, and (both),along with Essay 3. In what way did you revise the introduction and the thesis sentence? What is your thesis sentence? Why would that be considered a debatable statement? What are the key points you are making in your essay? Do they reflect back to the introduction and thesis concepts? Are the key points following the order of their presentation in the introduction? What examples did you use from the text to support the key points you make? How did you use the outside source to develop your essay? If you used a quotation from the source, did you analyze the meaning of it in terms of your thesis and key points? In what way did you change the conclusion of your essay? Have you summarized your points and restated your thesis concept? Have you avoided adding any new information which would divert and confuse your reader’s attention? Summarize the instructor’s feedback on Essay 2. How did you address those concerns in this revision? What did your peers say about your paper? Were you able to get some specific feedback that was useful for your revision? Be specific with the details. What was the specific process you used for revision? What steps did you take in revising? What did you do differently than you did in your original draft?

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